International Actors: Part II

In Part I of Advice for International Actors, we covered some of the basic fundamentals that all international actors should be aware of if they are serious about pursuing a career in Hollywood. Let’s say you’ve been working on the aforementioned topics for the past couple of years now. You’re pretty good with English, you… Continue reading International Actors: Part II

The Importance of Respect: Part II

Last time, I talked about how important it is for your agent or manager to be mindful of representing your character and career in a positive manner. It is also obviously important for you, the actor, to use the same courtesy and respect, as well. Aside from the usual “show up on time,” “bring your… Continue reading The Importance of Respect: Part II

Welcome to Pilot Season!

It’s here! The dreaded (and loved) pilot season is upon us. Very soon you, as the eager actor, will be receiving endless auditions for the numerous pilots the networks have snatched up this year (for more on how to nail these auditions, see “Auditioning Your Personality”) . Pilot season is tremendously stressful for all of… Continue reading Welcome to Pilot Season!

Coping With Rejection

You’ve got the agent, you’ve got the headshots, you’ve got a professional demo reel and your resume is proudly on your agency’s letterhead. Your agent and manager are successfully selling you to casting directors and producers and you’re getting in the room several times a week for a variety of projects—television, film, web series and… Continue reading Coping With Rejection

How to Market Yourself as a Professional Actor

These days, being a professional actor doesn’t necessarily mean fancy credits on your resume and paparazzi following you around town. As Hollywood expands past Los Angeles with the use of the internet and other modern technologies, anyone can be the actor they want to be. It often comes down to attitude, confidence and perseverance. The… Continue reading How to Market Yourself as a Professional Actor

The Importance of Respect: Part I

This business is all about reputation (see Building Your Reputation). Your rep can make you or break you, and it is so important to represent yourself well. You always want to show respect to the people whom you are trying to convince to give you a job. In turn, you also want to make sure… Continue reading The Importance of Respect: Part I