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Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 2.29.09 PMIn our weekly series, Cast It Talent is proud to bring you the wisdom and work of the great Lee Strasberg as shared by his son, David Strasberg, Creative Director and CEO of the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

David Lee Strasberg gives his best advice for international actors trying to make a career in Los Angeles or New York.

Lee Strasberg was a seminal acting teacher and his Method Acting technique remains alive at the Institute in West Hollywood: the only source that delivers Strasberg’s teaching in its consummate form.

As CEO and Creative Director, David has played an important role in the continuing education of actors in The Method. Beginning with this week’s premier offering you will be privy to a series of one on one conversations between David and his most dedicated and curious students.

We hope that this series will provide you with insight into the way that Strasberg students are challenged to be “bold in their choices, original in their ideas, and passionate in their pursuit of creative individuality.”

Please listen to David and use his insight to improve your own acting and continue building your career, whether you are just starting out or have years of work on your resume.

Please enjoy The Method as brought to you by David Strasberg.

Each week on Monday we will present a new Q&A between David and his  students.  Please watch each new episode, share them with your friends, and send your own questions directly to David through the comments section.

You can also keep up with events in the world of Strasberg through the Instagram and Twitter feeds from the Lee Strasberg Institute: IG strasberginstitute and@LstfiLA

Watch this week’s episode HERE.

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